ATCO is running a seminar / workshop on 9th November at Bedford Borough Council. Rather than running longer conferences, which have previously been over 3 days, we are intending to run shorter sessions of real interest to our members. In these sessions, we will draw upon experiences of others that have made significant development in key areas to all of us.
The first of these sessions will be held in November and will cover:

Creating, procuring and managing efficient transport contracts
The reality of saving money while maintaining services.

All of our members face the challenge of creating transport routes over wide geographical areas to multiple establishments and then contracting those routes as contracts to external operators or running them on internal fleets. We have invited a number of authorities who have managed to do this effectively to share their experiences with our other members.

The event will be based around real initiatives successfully adopted by local authorities and will cover such areas as Special Education Needs, Mainstream Schools, Social Care and Health.